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For centuries the Vikings have ruled the seas of Northern Europe, pillaging and plundering and now England is next.


It is the fall of 866 and the Vikings, led by Ivar the Boneless, are planning an attack on unsuspecting York.   King Ivar's army is 6000 strong with  270 ships.  If York is taken, the rest of England will fall under Viking rule.


Your town of Scarborough was ransacked yesterday and along with the other captured, you’ll be sold as slaves. They are now on their way to York.  You must find a way to escape and get word of the impending Viking Raid to York.

This is England’s last chance to repel the Vikings and for you to get  your freedom back. We overheard the soldiers say that the attack would commence in 60 minutes.  You must hurry!

**Please Note! This room contains a finale of flashing lights and low lighting. Those with a sensitivity to light should be advised.**


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