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For centuries, the poor town of Berchtesgaden, Bavaria has been terrorized by Astaroth, the Last Known Vampire. Benjamin Van Calson, the bravest Vampire Hunter in all the land, was the town’s only hope at destroying this bloody-thirsty villain. However, Benjamin met his demise at the hands of Astaroth in 1809 and his stake is said to be on display within the walls of Bran Castle, the Vampire’s evil lair.

It is now the fall of 1821 and the little town of Berchtesgaden’s population is shrinking by the day, as The Vampire picks them off one by one for his nightly feast. With hope dwindling, they have summoned you, Bavaria’s smartest paranormal hunters, to help infiltrate Bran Castle and destroy the Vampire forever.

It is your mission, with the aid of the servants forever trapped inside, to find Astaroth’s four weaknesses and retrieve Benjamin’s beloved stake in order to destroy this creature forever and save the town from extinction. Night falls in 60 minutes and Astaroth will awaken for his next feeding! Hurry!**


**Please Note! This room contains a finale of flashing lights, dark ambiance, and intense jump scares. Those with heart conditions, pregnant, or other serious medical issues should be advised.**


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